Do I need Owner’s Title Insurance?

The question that is asked all of the time is, “Do I need owner’s title insurance?”  The answer is yes you need owner’s title insurance. 

A lender’s title insurance policy provides no benefit to an owner of real property.  A lender’s policy only comes into play to protect the lender.  Under most scenarios, the lender is not going to have a claim for a title issue until the mortgage loan is a nonperforming asset and is moving into the foreclosure procedure.  In other words, as long as you are making your mortgage payments, the lender will usually not have a claim under a lender’s policy.  Therefore, if there is an issue, the only protection a consumer has is through an owner’s policy of title insurance. 

The cost for an owner’s policy of title insurance is very reasonable when you consider that it is a one-time fee that protects the ownership of your real estate.  Additionally, if a lender’s title insurance policy is being acquired, there is a significant discount into obtaining the owner’s title insurance policy in conjunction with the lender’s title insurance policy.

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    What is Owner’s Title Insurance?

    What is Owner’s Title Insurance?

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