Time is Running Out to Challenge House Values in 2014

Real property taxes in Ohio are primarily determined by two numbers - the effective tax rate and the assessed value. When these two numbers are multiplied together for a given property, you get the base real estate tax amount. The effective rate is not generally challengeable. However, there is a standard procedure available to all property ...

Milford Realtor Charged with $15 Million Fraud Scheme

Brenda Ashcraft, 43, from Milford, Ohio has been indicted by a federal grand jury for defrauding investors of at least $15 million from 2009 - 2013.  The scheme involved French Manor Properties which is owned by Ashcraft.  Investors were promised 40% returns.  If an investment sounds too good to be true, it probably is.&...

SMARTtransaction - the better way to handle real estate transactions

SMARTtransaction is a new service platform that provides for an efficient method of handling a real estate transaction from start to finish.  The biggest issue with any real estate transaction is the lack of communication between all of the parties to a real estate transaction.  Wouldn't it be easier if everyone was literally on t...

Owning Real Property Requires More Than A Deed

Did you know that there is more to owning real property than just obtaining a deed?  Knowing which deed or legal document is appropriate for a real estate transaction can help avoid a potential lengthy and costly probate case.  This is why having a licensed attorney prepare your deed and other legal documents for your real estate...

Do I need Owner’s Title Insurance?

The question that is asked all of the time is, “Do I need owner’s title insurance?”  The answer is yes you need owner’s title insurance.  A lender’s title insurance policy provides no benefit to an owner of real property.  A lender’s policy only comes into play to protect the lender.  Under...

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      What is Owner’s Title Insurance?

      What is Owner’s Title Insurance?

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